A hand-picked, tailor-made message

kathryn david's journey to jesus

In Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, a shepherd goes out into the world in search of enlightenment…and finds it right where he started. So it was with me, I have had a lifelong search for God. I came into this world in a house of the Lord, and came back to
it through Jesus.

I was raised in a devout Catholic household, but it wasn’t enough for me. I studied everything from Buddhism to Hinduism to the rites of the South American indigenous. I devoured every spiritual book that found its way into my hands, from C.S. Lewis and Christian apologetics to ancient gods and customs to earn divine favor. Priscilla Shirer said there comes a time in our spiritual maturity where we are no longer satisfied with hand me down revelations. We want specific hand-picked words, tailor-made for us.

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I left this conference feeling refreshed, enriched

Photo highlights and powerful participant quotes from the 2016 HIM conference


A story of a life changed

A letter from a HIM 2016 scholarship recipient

"I have a past that involves some trauma, lots of shame, and an overload of pain. My go-to defense mechanism has been to shut down feelings...to not feel anything in order to not feel the pain. I started doing this about ten years ago. I was in my teens, and it seemed like the rational choice to preserve myself from pain. However, in more recent years, this became difficult as I experienced new traumas and I began to have leakages of memories and emotions that I had long "forgotten" and never dealt with." 

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