HIM was born in a Greyhound bus in 1983. 

Dan and Pam Chun were studying in the Holy Land, rumbling up and down the scorched and dusty roads with a rag-tag group of pastors, priests and nuns. One day in the bus, Dan shared a long-held vision with a priest friend. “What if the world’s best Christian communicators and teachers could come to speak regularly at a conference in Hawaii? What if all the Christian leaders could hear and be trained by them? What if local Christian churches from across denominations were impacted and renewal was sparked?” Our friend said, “Not what if but when.” That moment, HIM took its first breath.

HIM was incorporated as “Hawaiian Islands Ministries” three months later in October 1983. The ministry sponsored its first HONOLULU Conference in 1985. More than 400 people came. We thought that was a lot. HIM’s all-volunteer staff said, “Let’s do it again in 2 years!” Attendance, church participation and enthusiasm grew, and the crew said, “One more time!”

HIM we proclaim, admonishing and teaching every person with all wisdom so that we may present every person mature in Christ. Colossians 1:28