The Wind Is Coming: Prophetic Word of Revival in Hawaii


Shared at HIM 2016, this prophetic word was shared by Pete Greig at the 2016 HIM conference. He received it from Bill Cahusac, an Anglican pastor with a prophetic gifting.

I was “in the Spirit” and God showed me Hawaii. He kept saying “the wind is coming” to Hawaii. It is offshore at the moment but the wind is coming soon.

God told me that the church in Hawaii is beginning to see a change in the atmosphere, but more is coming and you’re to listen for it and look for it and be ready for it. This isn’t going to be business as usual. The old ways of doing things won’t work in the season God is going to usher in. It is going to be counter intuitive in nature. God said to me that slogans, marketing campaigns and slicker events are not the vessels He is looking to use in the new season.

What He is wanting to do is bigger than that, and the key to unlocking it will be unceasing prayer in Hawaii. I cannot underline how significant and important this is. God is calling you to unceasing prayer because the winds of the Spirit are coming. He said “Give me no rest! Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.” And God said this I could hear prayer rising and getting louder and louder under until it was as if the room was shaking because of the sheer force of the prayer.

One of the authenticators of this move is that there is going to be he a revival amongst the indigenous people in Hawaii. The second authenticator is that there is going to be a movement of prayer in Hawaii that will cross cultural, social and economic boundaries. And it is as if the prayer will draw the wind, and then the wind will fuel the prayer in a kind of virtuous cycle. And He is going to stir the hearts of people with a longing to be with Him in a way that He hasn’t for generations. That’s the second authenticator, a movement of prayer across cultural, ethnic, social, economical boundaries, a desire for God that is unparalleled. Then people say, “oh yeah this has happened in the past.” They’re lying. It’s something we will not have not seen for generations.

The third is this. The third authenticator is going to be a significant move of God amongst young people in Hawaii. And God showed me hundreds of young people weeping in His presence as they encountered His goodness. Amen.