I left this conference feeling refreshed, enriched

The impact of HIM 2016 was huge.

Ministry leaders were refreshed with new direction and purpose. PTSD victims say they now sleep without nightmares. Youth found hope in their struggles with voices telling them they are not good enough. God is GREATER, able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph 3:20) He did it again at HIM 2016. 

What people are saying about HIM 2016

You did it again! Blessings too numerous to count. Looking forward to next year.

I know now I am experiencing the many gifts of the Spirit and intimacy with Jesus and that I am hearing/learning/living the same thing other leaders in the body are.

I realized that I was holding on to fear in regards to my daughter. I released her to the Lord and now I am filled with hope.

The Gospel is greater. He welcomes sinners over and over again.

The conference was a great mixture of worship and praise, practical ministry/relationship training, and a call to living life GREATER.

I thought I had real happiness, but I was just trying too hard to be happy when my thoughts were tearing me apart. I now am giving the Lord my trust, which is hard cuz fear always blocks my way.

Praise: HIM’s faithfulness to feed the flock.

The Richard Rohr seminars have drawn me closer to God.

I feel like I have grown spiritually and have been given tools to grow personally with God more these three days than my entire last year.

The conference gave me a deeper understanding on how important it is to focus on Jesus above all other things.

Thank you very much for the yoga class.
I can now perform yoga with Christ.

What I needed to hear most was what I heard about four times!!!

God has started to change me, and this conference taught me not to fear the hard times during the changes.

Reminded how God loves me – through my trials – especially.

Reminded of hope and increased faith in God!

heard God speak and I now truly believe that he is here for me.

This saved my spirits.

An overflowing by the Holy Spirit

It has helped me realized just how broken I am.

It helped me understand more of my spiritual relationship with God.

It helped me feel closer to Jesus

It helped to adjust my attitude and inspires me to follow His footsteps.

HIM is always the best way for me to get grounded
again in Christ and to be with His followers.

In a world that is falling away from God, it was great to see the church come together in worship and prayer.

Encouraged to know others care about Christ’s church.

The Holy Spirit is alive here with all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I met people who shared their testimonies with me and was able to relate with them.

It changed my life because I see how God is working with me and how he’s working with me through other people.

I felt so “stuck” and “dry.” The conference this year has refreshed me and given an excitement that makes me feel recharged! Whoo-hoo! Holy Spirit, Peace, and Excitement!

I was reignited for the mission in Hawaii. Pete Greig’s word for Hawaii was timely. I want to ride this wind!

So powerful. Thank you. Best yet.

A reminder that God is always near even in valley experiences.

Praise for bringing me out of my reclusive comfort zone.

Fellowship: sharing this with others is powerful.

I felt the breath of the Holy Spirit.

I feel called to share all of who I am with people.

May the REVIVAL start here and now.

God answered my prayer to experience His Holy Spirit, His Holy Fire.

I sought God and He answered.

I praise the Lord through some of the speakers I learned a few simple ways of increasing my prayer life. This changed my heart to be more calm and peaceful.

I now know how God speaks to me.

I brought a team of worship and young adult leaders. My teams were inspired and unified for the future.

Topics for each session I attended were deep, touching and on the hearts, heartaches and the healing of intimacy of our lives and what Jesus gives us.

Thank you to HIM for the desire to continue to grow the people of God and mature us in Christ.

I left this conference feeling refreshed, enriched, made me a better believer.

Gospel is Greater!

Thank you for another power-packed three days.

I’m committing and renewing my life to Christ in a significant way in the workplace and community.

Everyone needs to attend this conference.

Great testimonies on the power and awesomeness of the Holy Spirit movement.

Thank you for always addressing needs that I didn’t know I had.

No matter where we are in our lives or in our walk, Jesus loves us.

Always a Christ-filled weekend.

He continuously spoke to me, saying, “I am faithful. I was faithful. I will always be faithful.”

God convicted me that I need to revisit my hurtful past and address PTSD.

God gave me exceedingly, abundantly above my expectations.

God comforted me.

Awakened my desire for the Holy Spirit.

Filled me.

My first time experience. WOW Factor!

HIM has always provided the best material and speakers for Hawaii!! Awesome!!

Love H.I.M. because they love Him!

I needed to be reminded again of God’s grace and redemption for me – even as a long time believer.

Praise God for showing me I’m not alone in my struggle with anger, words, and conflict, and also for reminding me He still loves me in spite of it.

The encouragement was really needed to just remember how much Christ loves me and His love for me is not performance based.

Helped me realize that God wants me close to him, regardless of my sins.

Holy Spirit is present at this conference.

Realized I need more of Jesus, less of me.

Enjoyed this year’s HIM fun-filled vibe. Laughter is good medicine.

HIM is more impacting every year.

Being with Christ’s body and worship

Jesus really loves me. I knew this in my head and now know it in my heart.

Now I can go forward, leaving guilt and shame and my daily failings behind with the assurance that He sees me and knows all my sufferings.

I have a deeper understanding of my place in building the kingdom of God.

I am always sad when the conference is over, that I won’t see and be able to hug so many friends from my own and, even more, so many other churches across our state.

I am so grateful for the uniting of the amazing Body of Christ you enable every year.

I am so truly grateful. Your incredible dedication and passion and patience with us, individually and collectively, does not go unnoticed.

Whatever Jesus tell you to do, do it!

Obedience is God’s love language.

Powerful reminders that God is greater than we make Him out to be!

Far greater!