Snapshots of HIM 2017

Thank you, God, for the pastors of your flocks. We pray for them, support them, encourage them, bless them.

"HIM 2017 helped me understand the profound changes in society, the internet’s resources for folks who’ve been burned by the church, and changes in evangelism."

Nearly 400 pastors and pastors spouses' registered for HIM 2017.

We are thankful for the shepherds wherever they tend Jesus' flocks — big and small, in the city and marketplace, in neighborhoods, prisons, schools and homes, in rural areas where resources are few, on all the Hawaiian islands, on every continent, wherever God sends them throughout the world through many dangers, toils and snares. We bless you!






Sometimes the youth are the teachers and we're the pupils.

"At HIM 2017 I learned that I shouldn't rely on anything or anyone except God.He gives us love, grace, mercy and more.
I [heart] HIM!"

Thank you, God, for the youth that come to be part of the HIM family. We pray for them, we love them, we bless them.

In the last five years, 500 youth made decisions to follow Christ and GIVE THEIR LIFE TO HIM because He GAVE His life TO US. 

500 youth = 10% of the 5,000 youth who've come to HIM the last 5 years at HIM.  Our students come from every Hawaiian island, from differing family circumstances, cultures and experiences. Some have been brought up in the church. Some are encountering the Family of God for the first time.

We love loving on them. We're better for having them as part of the HIM Conference. We're humbled by their stories. We're honored that God entrusts young, tender, malleable and open-hearted lives to us. 


Thank you, God, for loving on your people in areas where we were seeking help.

When HIM 2017 came to a close, we asked participants, "In what areas did HIM 2017 help you?" 

Here's what they said:


"Joy is the weapon used to battle your circumstances."

"The most important was learning that God never condemns me when I make a mistake, but helps us back on the right tracks."

"Mercy is difficult to live out. I really gained a better understanding of mercy and how you need to receive it in order to give it."

"I’m really accepting how God loves me unconditionally! Wow!"

Praise God because His mercy endures forever. It helps me extend mercy beyond my comfort zone and to love.

"I am a lot stronger in my faith and I feel ready for whatever life throws at me."


"God is still here, even if I 'moved.' God is still good, even if circumstances don’t look like it. God still wants to work in and through my life to love me and to love others."


 HIM does all it can to help people where they are — in every circumstance, life stage and season, wherever you're called, or just sometimes where you find yourself.


Mercy is at the core of God’s character and one of the most active muscles in His relationship with His people. We see that in scripture, in history, in His Son Jesus Christ and in the presence of His Holy Spirit.

Our PRAYER is that we all grow more and more into the likeness of Christ by practicing mercy, giving and receiving mercy, loving mercy - WE the Church, WE the Body of Christ, WE the members of God's household and family, WE all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters loved by God.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever. - PSALM 23:6

Registration is open for HIM 2018.

Confirmed speakers include Francis Chan, John Ortberg, Margaret Feinberg,
David Choi, Mike Pilavachi - with more announcements coming.