HIM New Office Update


The new HIM office is officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

We got keys to the new space at 547 Halekauwila in December. Our building permit was approved in January. And renovations began in February! We are on our way to having a new home for HIM!

However, we are still short of funds for this important project — about $72,000. While HIM has raised to date an incredible $111,627, the projected budget of $115,000 has needed to increase to $180,697 to make sure the new office is a safe and properly equipped site for HIM’s ministry.

Our target date for moving is May 2019, just 2 months away, and we need your help.

We are so grateful to those who have already given toward the new HIM Office!

With your help, HIM more than met our $25,000 Matching Gift Challenge in November. Thank you for those who have come behind HIM with encouragement and financial support. We are also grateful for a $25,000 capital grant from the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. The new HIM Office will help us to reach more, serve more and be better servants and stewards in our call to gather, equip, strengthen and renew Christian leaders and churches.

Please consider a gift today to the HIM Office Capital Campaign. Or make a gift to the HIM General Fund, which deploys your support to where it is most needed at the time — program expenses, scholarships, and general overhead like rent and utilities. We need you and your ministry partnership every day.
Thank you for your prayerful support. Blessings in Him.

Dan and Pam Chun for HIM

*We hope to see you at HIM 2019: Kingdom Come, March 21-23. More info at him2019.org.


After more than 25 years in Mānoa Valley, Hawaiian Islands Ministries is moving in May 2019 to 547 Halekauwila St in Kaka‘ako. The move is strategic. The move increases ministry sustainability. The move has spiritual significance and resonates with the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ.

The move is strategic. It places HIM squarely in Honolulu’s urban corridor in the rapidly growing Kaka‘ako area. The advantages are innumerable. Kaka‘ako is becoming the crossroads for government, business and urban life on O‘ahu. HIM will benefit from easier accessibility, better proximity to churches, community organizations and social service agencies, and greater visibility in the community. Overall, the new office location opens up greater opportunities to partner with others for the Kingdom of God.

The move improves HIM’s sustainability. It significantly decreases overhead expenses. The new lease in Kaka‘ako reduces HIM’s rent by 54%. This means a greater portion of each dollar HIM receives will go to ministry programs and less to baseline business costs.

The move has spiritual significance. The new HIM office will operate out of the historic heart and start of Christianity in Hawai‘i. It lies in walking distance to Kawaiaha‘o Church, The Mission Houses and the former site of Queen Keopuolani’s home on Queen St. Keopuolani, the lesser-known but most sacred wife of Kamehameha the Great, transformed Hawai‘i by embracing Christianity and dismantling the kapu system. She was the first baptized Christian in Hawai‘i. The new HIM office lies on ground where Christianity took root in Hawai‘i. These grounds empower and inspire us to continue declaring faith in Jesus Christ as the principal agent of social, cultural, economic, political, corporate, relational and personal transformation.