What we're listening to now. #Devotion

All my affection. All of my praise.
All my devotion for all of my days.
Pour out my worship, lift up Your name.
Jesus, You’re all that I needed and more.

You have my heart, You have my soul.
You have my yes. You have my all.

Last July, we had the privilege of taking part in Worship Central's THE WEEK, an annual event focused on tuning up in worship and tuning into God to help lead others into His Presence. We heard about The Week and were encouraged to attend by Luke and Anna Hellbronth of Worship Central when they led worship at HIM 2016. 

Devotion was one of the worship songs we learned and loved at The Week. Written by Luke Hellebronth, Tim Hughes and Dean Ussher, the song had not yet been recorded and released but it stayed with us. Worship like this sinks in deep.

When Devotion was released in late May on Worship Central's new album Mercy Road, my heart broke open hearing it again and knowing it now belongs to the whole Church, to the world. It expresses the inner cries of those who have been touched by Jesus. We are never the same.


Take a listen. 
What is your heart saying? What is God saying over your heart? Where is He carrying your thoughts, your burdens, your cares? Where is your affection and how is God molding it to become TRUE LOVE, DEVOTION, RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM?


This acoustic version was released by Worship Together and recorded at St. Luke's Gas Street, where Tim Hughes is pastor/vicar and Anna Hellebronth leads worship. Don't miss the interview with Luke at the end to learn how Devotion came into being. And hang on to the end bit about intimacy with God, space and how "part of our relationship with God is, as G.K. Chesterton says, a passionate love affair." Good stuff. 


Want more?  If you're free next week, break out the passport and head over to Birmingham, England—THE WEEK starts this coming Sunday, June 25, More info here.

Or, even if you can't be there in person, watch below to worship with Luke and Anna Hellebronth, Tim Hughes and others at Worship Central and St. Luke's Gas Street in Birmingham.

Pam & Dan Chun

P.S. If you do get to Birmingham, say "hi" to Luke, Anna, Tim, Josh, Nick Herbert and everyone else at Worship Central!