Help us make the match!


Now through June 30, 2017, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

A generous foundation is willing and wanting to match every gift to HIM — up to $50,000! This extraordinary $50,000 grant matched with your gift will provide $100,000 in needed support for HIM.

This is a huge blessing and it needs all of the HIM family to complete it. The matched grant will cover expenses that registration fees don’t meet. It will close HIM’s June 30 fiscal year without a deficit. It will train thousands of believers from hundreds of churches to go where God calls them. It will continue what HIM does best: gather and train the Body of Christ as many yet one for renewal and revival!

Every gift and any gift you make will be matched dollar-for-dollar. We are utterly grateful for how this will help HIM. We are also astounded by the tremendous encouragement it is to you and every person who supports, attends, and serves with HIM. 


This matching gift opportunity powerfully reminds us:


God always multiplies.

Whether wine for a wedding feast, fish for five thousand or seed sown, God does much with what seems little. God IS the "thirty, sixty and hundredfold." Please give and watch God grow it!



We are never alone.

We work, live, pray, serve, toil, worship and rejoice together. Others are always alongside us. This is what HIM and the HIM Conference is about.


God always ask us to be part of what he is doing.

When you give to HIM, you are giving to the Body of Christ — not any one church denomination, movement or fad — but men, women and youth who come to HIM and return to their churches, workplaces, homes and schools massively connected to God's bigger purposes.



Please make a gift today so HIM can make this match.

Your gift combined with this matching donation yields even more than it can on its own. Thank you in advance, and may God multiply His blessings in you today.