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HIM 2017 Year in Review


In 2017 Hawaiian Islands Ministries served, trained, supported, renewed, encouraged, inspired, resourced, filled, refreshed, came alongside and blessed more than 5,500 in attendance at HIM programs:

  • The Art of Human Resources / January 2017
  • Improve Your Serve / January 2017 
  • HIM 2017 / March 2017 
  • Fish & Poi / September 2017 
  • Life in the Spirit  / November 2017 
  • Worship in the Spirit / November 2017 
  • Kingdom Come Worship Night / November 2017
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Joy is the weapon used to battle your circumstances. Mercy is to be lived and redistributed. Live in Grace. Walk in love! God is still here, even if I ‘moved.’ God is still good, even if circumstances don’t look like it. God still wants to work in and through my life to love me and to love others. The Lord will fight for you. All you have to do is be quiet. God loves us at our worst. You can ask God for help with temptation. God changes hearts. The magnitude of God, how minuscule I am, and the graciousness he imparts to us. Love EVERYBODY. See to it that no one misses the grace of God.


Together, we learned about MERCY - God's mercy that is unceasing, generous, forgiving, loving, tender and powerful. Mercy changed us all in 2017. Click below to see the profoundly meaningful HIM 2017 Conference Mercy Interviews.

Kristen Ivy & Todd Bolsinger on the DNA of Mercy

Philip Chircop: Mercy is "the capacity to enter the chaos of another" 

Jeff Vandersteldt on knowing mercy in our own lives


These people... PLUS you... MULTIPLIED BY the churches, ministries, families and communities we belong to... EQUALS the Body of Christ. 


Because of you, in 2018 HIM will celebrate 35 years gathering the Body of Christ across churches, denominations, demographics, cultures, traditions and generations. We are grateful for your prayers and support. May God bless you extraordinarily in 2018!

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Dan & Pam Chun, for HIM and everyone we serve

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