The only time I lose sleep


The only time I lose sleep is when it comes to hiring and managing staff. I can’t sleep when I have to require new conduct, hire, fire, or inspire staff. Managing human resources is our greatest responsibility. And it isn't easy. We’ve all seen small missteps grow into huge mistakes. And we’ve gasped watching badly informed, free-form, or lack of personnel policy morph into never-ending trouble. Help!

HELP IS HERE. Presenting the HIM HR Conference:

                         Friday, January 6, 2017 | 8:30 am to 4:30 pm                              C4 Christ Centered Community Church /Kahala Mall

Our speakers are from Hawaii's workplace. Their combined 100-plus years’ experience adds up to more than three careers in management. They are keen on giving us best practices for helping our organizations and our people flourish. They come from the church, corporate and non-profit worlds.

Topics and issues covered will be practical, sensible and essential for all employers and managers. We'll discuss: effective ways to hire, onboarding, the first 90 days, Millennials & Boomers, critical conversations, the need to encourage and refresh leaders.

Improving the way we do HR is essential. Together, we as employers can make for a better Hawaii no matter what or where we work. 

Register today here by December 31, 2016 at a discounted rate. Save even more when you bring a group of 3 or more.

I hope to see you all there so we can all sleep well!

Dan Chun, Co-Founder, HIM

Hire well so you won't have egg on your face.

Would that it were so simple.