Full HIM 2016 Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 3  Friday, March 4  Saturday, March 5 
Seminar Descriptions

Tracks:     [CC] = College & Career       [MH] = Mental Health       [W] = Wellness       [Y] = Youth

Thursday, March 3

5:00 pm Honolulu 2016 Registration & Check-in

Conference Headquarters Open
Bookstore, Exhibits, HIM Store and Prayer Room Open

6:30 - 8:00pm  General Session 1

Mike Pilavachi  Do Whatever He Tells You
Dan Chun  President's Address

8:30 - 9:45 pm  Seminar Series 1

  1. Greg Bryan  Growing in Grace: How to Live a Gospel-Driven Life
  2. Rick Bundschuh  How to Reach Unchurched Teens
  3. Jim Burns  Refreshing Your Marriage
  4. Bryan & Sarah Clay  Balancing Priorities with Bryan & Sarah Clay
  5. Bob Davis  Persevering with Hope
  6. TJ Gorum  What on Earth Am I Called to Do [CC]
  7. Robin Gunn  Telling Your Story
  8. Ross Gunn  One Eye, One Arm Christians [MH]
  9. Ger Jones  Being a Word and Spirit Church
  10. Kai Kiaha  The Unstoppable, Unshakable, Unashamed Generation [CC]
  11. Kenneth Makuakane  From Chicken to Champion
  12. Michelle Narhi  Hā (Breath) of Life [W]
  13. Ben Pilgreen  Personal Rhythms of Ministry Leaders
  14. Debbie Piper  Lead Like Jesus
  15. Jordan Seng  Ministering in Power for Healing the Sick
  16. Paul Sheppard  Keys to Racial Reconciliation
  17. Priscilla Shirer  Discerning The Voice of God
  18. Michelle Tolentino  The Faces and Facets of Human Trafficking  
  19. Josh Urich  The Rise of the "Nones": The Striking Increase of Atheism and Apathy in the United States

8:30 - 9:45 pm  Youth General Session 1

Chris Brown  God Will Only Be God [Y]

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Friday, March 4

8:30 - 10:00 AM  GENERAL SESSION 2

Matthew Sleeth  A Tree Grows in Heaven

8:30 - 10:00 AM  Youth GENERAL SESSION 2

Mike Pilavachi  Getting to Know Jesus [Y]

10:30 - 11:45 AM  Seminar series 2

  1. Dave Barr  Managing Your Mouth
  2. Rick Bundschuh  Rethinking Church Leadership
  3. Jon & Cyndi Burgess  Life Works: Honesty Equals Unity in Marriage
  4. Jim Burns  Healthy Sexuality for Young Adults [CC]
  5. Pete Greig  Growing Your Prayer Life
  6. Ross Gunn  Conflict Management: Rock, Paper or Scissors [MH]
  7. Luke & Anna Hellebronth  Worship is a Weapon
  8. Kaye Lawrence  The Ghost from the Past: Dealing with Non-Military and Military PTSD [W]
  9. Bob Marette  From a Millstone to a Milestone: Helping People Achieve TRUE Financial Freedom
  10. Phil & Adrienne Mark, Grant Lee & Janice Ogoshi  Growing Older: A Gift of New Beginnings
  11. Meredith Miller  Ministry to Children in a Changing World
  12. Carl Moore  How to Be a Quitter [W]
  13. Cliff & Joyce Penner  What We've Learned About Men, Women & Sex in Marriage as Sexual Therapists & Educators for 40 Years, Part 1
  14. Ben Pilgreen  God's Part, Our Part
  15. George Rhoades  A Biblical Look at Depression: Examples and Healing [MH]
  16. Richard Rohr  Signs of Authentic Spiritual Conversion
  17. Paul Sheppard  When One Door Closes
  18. Priscilla Shirer  Discerning The Voice of God
  19. Char Wilson  Mindfulness as Holy Worship [W]

10:30 - 11:45 AM  Youth Seminar Series 

   20. Sumo Sato  Star Wars and the Force (Middle School) [Y]
   21. Frank de Gracia  It's Your Choice (Senior High) [Y]
   22. Christy Pierce  shut up (Deeper) [Y]

1:30 - 3:00 pm  General session 3

Priscilla Shirer  Victory!

1:30 - 3:00 PM  Youth General Session 3

Chris Brown  Being Robbed

3:30 - 4:45 PM  SEMINAR SERIES 3

  1. Dave Barr  Processing Conflict Productively
  2. Jim Burns  Pass It On: Energizing Your Family's Spiritual Life
  3. Dave Choi  Intimacy with Christ
  4. Dan Chun  How to Pick a Spouse
  5. Terry George  Forging Powerful Relationships Between Churches and Foundations to Benefit the Community
  6. John Jenkins  Facing Your Giants
  7. Ger Jones  Planting a Church in a City Where You Know No One
  8. Jason Kim  How to Maximize Your Bible Study and Sermon Preparation with Technology
  9. Kay Lawrence  When the Past is in the Present: Domestic Violence Within the Military/Non-Military [MH]
  10. Lauren Buck Medeiros  Walking the Labyrinth: A Path of Prayer [W]
  11. Meredith Miller  Creating (and Sustaining) a Dynamic Volunteer Team
  12. Ralph Moore  Towards Greater Results: What I Learned From My Mentors
  13. Cliff & Joyce Penner  What We've Learned About Men, Women & Sex in Marriage as Sexual Therapists & Educators for 40 Years, Pt 2
  14. Todd Proctor  Leading Your Church Through Change
  15. Richard Rohr  Mercy as the Best Name for God
  16. Jeff Schulte  The Voice of the Heart
  17. Jordan Seng  Listening for God in Prophecy and Dreams
  18. Rod Toews  How to Organize and Older Adult Ministry
  19. Mark Yarhouse  Sexual Identity and Youth Ministry

3:30 - 4:45 pm  Youth Seminar Series

   20. Rick Bundschuh  Piranha, Trolls and Vermin—Tips on Living in a Dangerous World (Middle School) [Y]
   21. Bryan & Sarah Clay  A Fireside Chat with Bryan & Sarah Clay (Senior High) [Y]
   22. Brandon Ahu  When Your Faith Feels Fake: What to Do When God Doesn't Seem Real Anymore (Deeper) [Y]

6:30 - 8:00 pm  General Session 4

Pete Greig  Greater Peace

6:30 - 8:00 pm  Youth General Session 4

Chris Brown  Be Great and Put Yourself First [Y]

8:30 pm - 10:00 pm  Martin Smith Worship Concert

Concert ticket required for admission. Concert ticket included with full-time Youth and Youth Leader registrations.

8:30 pm - 9:45 pm  Seminar Series 4

  1. Carol Alevizos  Centering Prayer Meditation [W]
  2. Bob Davis  Where Am I Going? Where Are We Going?
  3. Robin Gunn  Early Missionaries to Hawaiʻi—What They Did Right
  4. John Jenkins  Pass the Salt
  5. Kaye Lawrence  Because Their Life Matters, Relieving the Pain: Families Dealing with Mental Illness [MH]
  6. Bob Marette  YOU, Yes Even YOU, Can Memorize Scripture: A Daily Guide to Help You Hide God's Word in Your Heart
  7. Sher Pai  Joyful Team Ministry
  8. Christy Pierce  Healing Anxiety [MH]
  9. Mike Pilavachi  Hearing God Speak—Gift of Prophecy
  10. George Rhoades  Preventing Suicide: Helping Stop the "Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem" [MH]
  11. Jeff Schulte  The Gift of the 8 Feelings
  12. Jordan Seng  Human Trafficking in Hawaiʻi: A Call for Justice Ministry
  13. Tim Shaw  What I Learned About Life, Ministry and the Church from Pixar
  14. Paul Sheppard  Developing Strong Faith at Any Age
  15. Matthew Sleeth  A SIMPLE Plan That Simply Works [W]
  16. Sam Stevens  Alpha: Evangelism in the 21st Centry

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Saturday, March 5

8:30 - 10:00 aM  GENERAL SESSION 5

David Choi  The Gospel is Greater

8:30 - 10:00 am  Youth General session 5

Chris Brown  Big G Versus Little g

10:30 - 11:45 am  Seminar Series 5

  1. Brandon Ahu  Waiting in Vain [CC]
  2. Rick Bundschuh  Moving Messages: Ideas That Will Revolutionize the Sunday Experience
  3. Jim Burns  Creating a Media Safe Home
  4. Dave Choi  Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  5. Pete Greig  The Vision of Jesus
  6. Karelin James  Christ Centered Yoga, Moving Meditation [W]
  7. Kaye Lawrence  Pipeline to Smart Health and a Healthy Existence [MH] [W]
  8. Meredith Miller  Meeting with God: Kids Curriculum That Draws Kids Closer to Jesus
  9. Sher Pai  Cultivating and Maintaining a Personal Devotional Life
  10. Steve Peich  The 5 Streams of Christian Maturity
  11. Cliff & Joyce Penner  Single & Sexual
  12. Christy Pierce  Listening Prayer Laboratory
  13. Mike Pilavachi  Lessons in Leadership from Nehemiah
  14. Todd Proctor  Alpha: Creating a Culture of Invitation
  15. Jeff Schulte  What Every Child Needs from a Dad (or Parent)
  16. Matthew Sleeth  Serve God, Save the Planet
  17. Josh Urich  How to Reach Millenials in an Age of Unbelief
  18. Mark Yarhouse  Gender Identity, Gender Dysphoria and Transgender Youth

10:30 - 11:45 am  Youth Seminar Series

   20. Anuhea Akamine  No Worries! (Middle School) [Y]
   21. Kai Kiaha  Life on Mission (Senior High) [Y]
   22. Bryan & Sarah Clay  A Fireside Chat with Bryan & Sarah Clay—Worship and Conversation About Choices and Asking "Who            is Greater in Your Life?" (Deeper) [Y]

1:30 - 3:30 pm  General session 6

John Jenkins  The God Who Does Beyond

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