The Art of Human Resources Schedule


8:30 am—Opening Remarks (Dan Chun)  

8:40 am—Effective Ways to Hire (Chris Pan)
We all wish we had a higher rate of success in hiring because it is so painful when we get it wrong. What are some quality best practices to raise the hit rate of getting the right person?

9:10 am—Discussion

9:40 am—Overview: From Selection to Onboarding (Ruthann Yamanaka)
After attracting the right person, how do we integrate the talent, cultivate performance results and potential, engage the new hire's spirit and transition him/her for success?

10:25 am—Discussion

10:55 am—A Deeper Look: The 90-Day Introductory Period (Alan Tang)
How can we effectively use those first 90 days to set up a new hire for a great, long-lasting performance?

11:40 am—Discussion/Q&A

12:15 pm—Lunch Break

1:00 pm—Talking About My Generation (Susan Murray)
Working with millennials or with boomers can be a challenge. If we don’t understand the basic differences, we will be in trouble. 

1:45 pm—Discussion

2:15 pm—Critical Conversations (Susan Murray)
There comes a time when it's necessary to talk with an employee who needs to improve performance—or it is time to transition that person out? Learn what communication works and what doesn’t.

3:00 pm—Discussion

3:30 pm—Encourage and Refresh Your Leader (Dan Chun)
Sabbaticals, bonuses, more time off—why are they critical? Why do leaders burn out? What every human resource team needs to hear. 

4:00 pm—Q&A

4:30 pm—Aloha (Dan Chun)