Dan Chun

Co-founder of Hawaiian Islands Ministries (HIM) with his wife Pam, Dan has been senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu (FPC) since 1994. Prior to that he was associate pastor with singles at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church from 1985-1992 and previously served at FPC as associate pastor. Born and raised in Hawai’i, Dan left an early career in television broadcast journalism with the Hawai’i CBS-affliliate KGMB-TV to commit to full-time Christian ministry. Dan holds an MDiv and Dmin from Fuller Seminary, where he also serves on the board of trustees. Dan also has an MA in cinema production from the University of Southern California. Dan’s book How to Pick a Spouse boldly aims to eradicate divorce by helping people choose wisely. [fpchawaii.org | himonline.org