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Be sure you are registered and have your ticket(s). Tickets were emailed to the address provided at the time of purchase. Each person attending must present a valid ticket at check in: either a printed ticket or a digital ticket from your mobile device. Groups: Please print and distribute tickets to your individual members prior to check-in.

What if I can't find my ticket?

  1. Look for an email from "Simpletix" and not HIM. Simpletix is our online registration service and emails tickets directly to ticket purchasers.

  2. Check your email junk/spam folder.

  3. Contact HIM before 2 pm, Monday, November 5, to have the email link resent. Email info@himonline.org or phone (808) 988-9777.

  4. At the conference, come to REGISTRATION and we will help you there.

Can I buy more tickets?
Buy tickets anytime at this link—even after the conference begins!

Can my friends and I register at the conference?
Absolutely. Walk-ins are welcome.

If I can’t attend the whole conference, can a friend come in my place?
Registrations are for one person only and cannot be shared. However, an unused registration may be transferred to another person!

In the unforeseen event that you cannot use a ticket at the last minute:

  • Give your ticket to a friend.

  • Sell your ticket to someone else.

  • Bless someone in need by leaving your ticket at Conference Headquarters. Many have done this in the past, and the amazed faces and gratitude of unsuspecting recipients is priceless.


Who is speaking and when?
Find the full schedule and speaker information on the HIM Life in the Spirit page here. Please note: Schedule is subject to change. All changes will be announced at the conference.

Check-in begins:

6:00 pm, Thurs, Nov 8
6:00 pm, Fri, Nov 9
8:30 am, Sat, Nov 10

Nametags • Please wear your nametag at all times as this is required for admission to conference sessions.

Just Show Up Bible Opportunities • Join HIM co-founder Pam Chun for two optional Just Show Up bible listening sessions. All you have to do is "just show up." No preparation is needed.

  • Saturday Morning, 8:00 am / Mauka Room

  • Saturday Lunch Time, 11:30 am / Mauka Room

LUNCH: Saturday lunch is not included with registration**

However, take advantage of these 2 onsite options:

  • First Prez Youth fundraising lunch on the covered lanai outside the ballroom

  • Honey’s Restaurant on the lower level of Ko‘olau Ballrooms

Offsite lunch options: There are a number of restaurants at Windward City Shopping Center on Kamehameha Hwy heading towards Kaneohe town (approx. 10 min drive). Restaurants include: Ayame Curry & Ramen, Blazin’ Steaks, Cajun King, Chao Phya Hai Thai, Don Goyo’s Mexican Food, Denny’s, Genki Sushi, KFC, Kin Sun Restaurant, KJ’s Local Grindz, Kozo Sushi, L&L Drive Inn, Little Saigon, Little Caesars, McDonald’s, Subway and Yoonyson Korean BBQ. You can also take a little longer drive over to Kailua town — but hurry back so you don’t miss the last session on Saturday afternoon!


The HIM Store - Stop by the HIM Store tables for a selection of HIM tees, totes, pens, notebooks and other specially ordered items. All sales go toward the HIM Scholarship Fund.

Wayne Drain resources - Speaker Wayne Drain’s book, He Still Speaks will be available for purchase directly from Wayne at the conference! Cash or checks only.

Logos Bookstore will be bringing other helpful books and resources related to prophecy, the Holy Spirit and living as Christ followers.

MP3 audio may be ordered online here. Please allow 4-6 weeks processing. You will be notified by email when your order is available for download.

Will the HIM office be open during the conference?
No. The HIM office will close at noon on Thursday, November 8th, and reopen at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, November 13th. Inquiries may be sent to info@himonline.org, which will be checked periodically during the conference.

Aloha! We look forward to seeing you at the Life in the Spirit Conference!

We need you for a Matching Gift Challenge 🌱


Today, now, HIM needs your help. Small yet planted to grow great things among those who nest in Jesus, HIM is a Kingdom ministry that spreads its branches wide. HIM marks 35 years of ministry in 2018, and we believe that God wants HIM to go on.

HIM has received a matching grant that will match up to $50,000 in gifts to HIM through June 30, 2018. We need your help to make the match, receive the grant and continue growing the Kingdom. Meeting the match is crucial. It will help eliminate HIM’s deficit. It will permit us to focus on Kingdom work and planting. It will bless the thousands HIM serves.

To make the match we need every person to rise up and do their part. We’re asking every person who has benefited from, attended, supported, encouraged and sent people to HIM to: (1) STEP OUT and meet the challenge and (2) SHOW that HIM is a valuable ministry worth funding and continuing.

At HIM 2018, thousands stood together on opening night and prayed for Holy Spirit revival. We prayed for Hawai‘i, turning south, east and west to pray for each island. We looked up and prayed for the nations and the world. We prayed as young and old from hundreds of churches and every background and tradition. We prayed as the diverse, holy and unified Body of Christ. We prayed for God’s Kingdom to come “on earth as it is in heaven.”

This matching grant adds muscle to our prayers for spiritual awakening. Every gift will be matched up to $50,000. Our generous funder wants to challenge and affirm you in showing up for HIM. It’s adding its faith and support to yours so that together we can see God’s Kingdom here. Our funder knows we can do more, bless more, receive more — when we do it together.

Please make a gift today. Help us meet the match and do more together. Every gift grows the Kingdom.

Thank you. We bless you and are blessed by you.

pam and dan signature.jpg

Co-Founders, HIM


All gifts of every size of will matched between now and June 30, 2018!



HIM 2018: Spending time with Jesus

HIM 2018.

Pointed it all back to the very simple practice of spending time with Jesus.


What was most helpful to you at the conference?

"Putting worship of God at the core of my being."

"Annual booster shot to regain bearings and perspective!"

"Changing church after 30 years. Discouraged, depressed. Conference reminded me God is moving us on. Been very encouraging and giving us hope."

"Jesus is unconditional love, not legalism. Relationships (even with Jesus) take time to deepen."

"Understanding that I am fully Christian and fully Hawaiian. What an amazing break through for me and many."


What prayer or praise can you share because of this conference? 

"I feel refreshed and ready to go back and serve happily = )"

"A self-proclaimed atheist said that as a result of her attendance to the youth program on Sat night, she now 'gets it' about why she should follow Jesus. PTL!"

"I am soon to be a mother and it has helped settle some fears and prepare my heart for what’s to come."

"Love, love, love singing with thousands of believers!"

"Thank you for the scholarship. First HIM conference for me. Amazing experience. Praise the Lord."


As a youth, what was the best part of the conference for you? 

"When other youth gave their lives to Jesus. I was crying because it was so AMAZING."

"Through this conference, I have felt God’s presence more than ever. This is the final sign to me from God that he wants me. And because of this, I decided to accept Christ into m life. My life is changed forever because of HIM 2018."

"No matter how long gone or broken you are God can always bring you back if you let him."

"Let God marinate you so that the Good News doesn’t only sound good but taste and looks good."

close to God.jpg

Decision card: committing to...

"Just Show Up ministry in my home."


"Renewed and wish to join Stephen Ministry. I feel ready. I haven’t felt ready."

"Just Show Up Club"

"To be more committed in my heart."

"Making disciples for Jesus."

"Return to first love."

"Being more forward in sharing."


HIM 2017 Year in Review


In 2017 Hawaiian Islands Ministries served, trained, supported, renewed, encouraged, inspired, resourced, filled, refreshed, came alongside and blessed more than 5,500 in attendance at HIM programs:

  • The Art of Human Resources / January 2017
  • Improve Your Serve / January 2017 
  • HIM 2017 / March 2017 
  • Fish & Poi / September 2017 
  • Life in the Spirit  / November 2017 
  • Worship in the Spirit / November 2017 
  • Kingdom Come Worship Night / November 2017
year in review logo4.jpg


Quotes left.png

Joy is the weapon used to battle your circumstances. Mercy is to be lived and redistributed. Live in Grace. Walk in love! God is still here, even if I ‘moved.’ God is still good, even if circumstances don’t look like it. God still wants to work in and through my life to love me and to love others. The Lord will fight for you. All you have to do is be quiet. God loves us at our worst. You can ask God for help with temptation. God changes hearts. The magnitude of God, how minuscule I am, and the graciousness he imparts to us. Love EVERYBODY. See to it that no one misses the grace of God.


Together, we learned about MERCY - God's mercy that is unceasing, generous, forgiving, loving, tender and powerful. Mercy changed us all in 2017. Click below to see the profoundly meaningful HIM 2017 Conference Mercy Interviews.

Kristen Ivy & Todd Bolsinger on the DNA of Mercy

Philip Chircop: Mercy is "the capacity to enter the chaos of another" 

Jeff Vandersteldt on knowing mercy in our own lives


These people... PLUS you... MULTIPLIED BY the churches, ministries, families and communities we belong to... EQUALS the Body of Christ. 


Because of you, in 2018 HIM will celebrate 35 years gathering the Body of Christ across churches, denominations, demographics, cultures, traditions and generations. We are grateful for your prayers and support. May God bless you extraordinarily in 2018!

Dan+Pam signature.jpg

Dan & Pam Chun, for HIM and everyone we serve

JustJesus H2018 color.png

Give Aloha make sense, cents, scents!

GiveAloha 2017 Postcard Front.jpg

Give Aloha grows HIM

HIM has participated in Foodland's Give Aloha matching gifts program ever since Give Aloha was introduced in 1999. Give Aloha is a wonderful, community-sourced event that gives back to Hawaii in two major ways:

  • It encourages the people of Hawai‘i to support nonprofit organizations in our island community.
  • It allows the average "Malia and Kimo" to help determine how Foodland and the Western Union Foundation distribute their charitable giving. This year, that's $300,000!

Here's how it works:

Throughout September, Foodland customers are invited to make donations up to $249 to their favorite participating Hawaii non-profit organizations at checkout. To make the doation, customers must have a Foodland Maika‘i card — available at no charge from Foodland customer service). Donations to each organization are tracked, and Foodland’s matching gift is divided proportionately among all participating organizations based on customer donations.

Your gift through Give Aloha blesses HIM.

  • IT MAKES SENSE. It's easy. All you have to do is stop by by your nearby Foodland or Sack 'N Save store and make a gift at the check-out register. You can buy milk, ice, poke, cold drinks at the same time!
  • IT MAKES CENTS. Every dollar is worth more than a dollar when you Give Aloha. Whenever you give, you automatically instruct the Foodland/Western Foundation to also give to HIM, allotting a portion of their $300,000 to HIM.
  • AND IT MAKES SCENTS. When you give to HIM, you are helping train God's people to spread the good news of Jesus Christ's saving love throughout the world. As Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 2:14, God "uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere."

Please Give Aloha to HIM at your local Foodland or Sack 'N Save Store! Give $1 to $249 throughout the month of September!At the register, tell the check-out clerk you want to make a Give Aloha gift to HAWAIIAN ISLANDS MINISTRIES. Or use the HIM Organization Code: 77430.

Click here to find a Foodland or Sack 'N Save Store near you.

Click here to make a gift online to HIM now if you don't have a Foodland or Sack 'N Save conveniently near you.

GiveAloha 2017 mahalo.jpg

"Rich" on HIM

"Rich" on HIM


When we went in 2010, we were in one of the general sessions. We had been talking the whole time – and my husband Rich was very excited about the offerings in the breakouts.

We came into the last General Session and Dan did an altar call. Rich had been listening intently to the speaker, and then Dan came up and spoke about God’s Presence in our lives. Dan said that all of us could have more of God's Presence if we just invited Him into our hearts, and then invited everyone to make a commitment if they wanted to. Rich got down on his knees, and then I went down with him, and he prayed quietly and rededicated his life to Christ. He said, “I want more. I am seeing what more is, and I want more.” 

What we're listening to now. #Devotion

All my affection. All of my praise.
All my devotion for all of my days.
Pour out my worship, lift up Your name.
Jesus, You’re all that I needed and more.

You have my heart, You have my soul.
You have my yes. You have my all.

Last July, we had the privilege of taking part in Worship Central's THE WEEK, an annual event focused on tuning up in worship and tuning into God to help lead others into His Presence. We heard about The Week and were encouraged to attend by Luke and Anna Hellbronth of Worship Central when they led worship at HIM 2016. 

Devotion was one of the worship songs we learned and loved at The Week. Written by Luke Hellebronth, Tim Hughes and Dean Ussher, the song had not yet been recorded and released but it stayed with us. Worship like this sinks in deep.

When Devotion was released in late May on Worship Central's new album Mercy Road, my heart broke open hearing it again and knowing it now belongs to the whole Church, to the world. It expresses the inner cries of those who have been touched by Jesus. We are never the same.


Take a listen. 
What is your heart saying? What is God saying over your heart? Where is He carrying your thoughts, your burdens, your cares? Where is your affection and how is God molding it to become TRUE LOVE, DEVOTION, RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM?


This acoustic version was released by Worship Together and recorded at St. Luke's Gas Street, where Tim Hughes is pastor/vicar and Anna Hellebronth leads worship. Don't miss the interview with Luke at the end to learn how Devotion came into being. And hang on to the end bit about intimacy with God, space and how "part of our relationship with God is, as G.K. Chesterton says, a passionate love affair." Good stuff. 


Want more?  If you're free next week, break out the passport and head over to Birmingham, England—THE WEEK starts this coming Sunday, June 25, More info here.

Or, even if you can't be there in person, watch below to worship with Luke and Anna Hellebronth, Tim Hughes and others at Worship Central and St. Luke's Gas Street in Birmingham.

 Pam & Dan Chun

P.S. If you do get to Birmingham, say "hi" to Luke, Anna, Tim, Josh, Nick Herbert and everyone else at Worship Central!


Snapshots of HIM 2017

Thank you, God, for the pastors of your flocks. We pray for them, support them, encourage them, bless them.

"HIM 2017 helped me understand the profound changes in society, the internet’s resources for folks who’ve been burned by the church, and changes in evangelism."

Nearly 400 pastors and pastors spouses' registered for HIM 2017.

We are thankful for the shepherds wherever they tend Jesus' flocks — big and small, in the city and marketplace, in neighborhoods, prisons, schools and homes, in rural areas where resources are few, on all the Hawaiian islands, on every continent, wherever God sends them throughout the world through many dangers, toils and snares. We bless you!






Sometimes the youth are the teachers and we're the pupils.

"At HIM 2017 I learned that I shouldn't rely on anything or anyone except God.He gives us love, grace, mercy and more.
I [heart] HIM!"

Thank you, God, for the youth that come to be part of the HIM family. We pray for them, we love them, we bless them.

In the last five years, 500 youth made decisions to follow Christ and GIVE THEIR LIFE TO HIM because He GAVE His life TO US. 

500 youth = 10% of the 5,000 youth who've come to HIM the last 5 years at HIM.  Our students come from every Hawaiian island, from differing family circumstances, cultures and experiences. Some have been brought up in the church. Some are encountering the Family of God for the first time.

We love loving on them. We're better for having them as part of the HIM Conference. We're humbled by their stories. We're honored that God entrusts young, tender, malleable and open-hearted lives to us. 


Thank you, God, for loving on your people in areas where we were seeking help.

When HIM 2017 came to a close, we asked participants, "In what areas did HIM 2017 help you?" 

Here's what they said:


"Joy is the weapon used to battle your circumstances."

"The most important was learning that God never condemns me when I make a mistake, but helps us back on the right tracks."

"Mercy is difficult to live out. I really gained a better understanding of mercy and how you need to receive it in order to give it."

"I’m really accepting how God loves me unconditionally! Wow!"

Praise God because His mercy endures forever. It helps me extend mercy beyond my comfort zone and to love.

"I am a lot stronger in my faith and I feel ready for whatever life throws at me."


"God is still here, even if I 'moved.' God is still good, even if circumstances don’t look like it. God still wants to work in and through my life to love me and to love others."


 HIM does all it can to help people where they are — in every circumstance, life stage and season, wherever you're called, or just sometimes where you find yourself.


Mercy is at the core of God’s character and one of the most active muscles in His relationship with His people. We see that in scripture, in history, in His Son Jesus Christ and in the presence of His Holy Spirit.

Our PRAYER is that we all grow more and more into the likeness of Christ by practicing mercy, giving and receiving mercy, loving mercy - WE the Church, WE the Body of Christ, WE the members of God's household and family, WE all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters loved by God.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever. - PSALM 23:6

Registration is open for HIM 2018.

Confirmed speakers include Francis Chan, John Ortberg, Margaret Feinberg,
David Choi, Mike Pilavachi - with more announcements coming.