Every Gift Makes a Difference


HIM has a special $50,000 challenge grant this summer to increase monthly donors. Every gift through the end of August will be matched, even if you can only make a one-time gift. But there will be a greater match for monthly support AND the greater the monthly support, the greater the match. Here’s how it works:


Your gift

One-time gift of any size
$10-$30 monthly support
$31-50 monthly support
$51-99 monthly support
$100+ monthly support


1:1 Match
1:2 Match
1:3 Match
1:4 Match
1:5 Match


$10 gift x 1 = $10 match
$20 monthly gift x 2 = $40 match
$40 monthly gift x 3 = $120 match
$60 monthly gift x 4 = $240 match
$100 monthly gift x 5 = 500 match


PayPal covers all processing fees — a great way to give and increase your gift!
To make your gift through PayPal, please click the yellow button below.

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