Gathering the diversely gifted children of God as "many yet one in Christ".



Since its founding, HIM has gathered believers from across denominations, generations and cultures around Jesus to be the Body of Christ.

HIM equips, embraces, emboldens, and encourages men, women and youth toward Christian transformation, unity, and lives that make a difference now and for eternity.

Worship, Hope And Tools — God above, God in the midst, God in the doing.

HIM nurtures unity amid diversity, trusting in God who is Greater than our hearts. 
 1 John 3:20


About HIM

HIM has always been about Him, Jesus Christ.

Come Alongside Hawaiian Island Ministries

This was the gift God gave me at the HIM conference: a chance to be the self that I am and have always been, having gone through everything I have, but also to know that He is present with me and loves me and is leading me through healing and through life.
— Attendee of HIM 2016
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Just Show Up (JSU) is a call to return to the Biblical way of learning – regular extended listening and reading together in community. HIM is pleased to facilitate people in Hawaii starting their own Bible Gatherings and Book Clubs wherever and whenever — in churches, small groups, homes, and businesses.